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Bewitched Potions Lotion Bars

Bewitched Potions Lotion Bars

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Don't you hate it when your dry hands snag on your yarn or fiber? We created these lotion bars using a formula with the fiber artist in mind! With a combination of Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, and Shea Butter, you will treat your hands to the spa day the need while still being able to quickly return to your fiber work. Made with delicate fragrance, these lotion bars aren't overpowering and are pleasant to the nose.

Hold the lotion bars between your hands and relax for a moment. As the bar starts to become soft in your hand, return the bar to the provided tin and massage what remains into your hands. Sit for a minute or two to allow the lotion to soak into your hands before picking up your work. Make this part of your daily fiber work ritual!

These lotion bars are only available in cooler months online as they have a lower melting temperature. Find them during the warmer months at most of our in-person shows!