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About the Magic

Bewitched Pigments is a family collaboration brought about by a deep love of color and fiber. Always looking for something a little different and often struggling to find it, we decided we could make our own and share it with everyone. Armed with a slow roaster, a bag of yarn, and a tub of dye, we created our first skein and knew this was what we should be doing. Immersed in our love of nature and drawing on our magic passed down through the generations, we knew that magic starts at the seed of the soul, just as dyeing starts at the grain of the dye. Thus, Bewitched Pigments came to be.

♊️ Michelle, The Conjurer ✨

Michelle is a lover of books and a collector of yarn, fabri, and knowledge. It was inevitable that she would grab hold of the fiber arts, having learned to knit and crochet at a young age. Surrounded by artistic parents who excelled in wood, pottery, sewing, and fiber arts themselves, she knew one day she would be doing something creative with her life. You will often find Michelle singing away in the studio as she creates the next new colorway or cussing up a storm while editing new patterns. Michelle lives in Ohio with her spouse, daughters, and her black cat, Katie. She also likes baking, hiking, and fighting dragons on Sunday afternoons in her D&D group.

Michelle is the Lead Dyer, Club Curator, Shipping Specialist, and more.

♏️ Gwyndylyn, The Enchantress 🔮

Gwyndylyn and her way with color has always been a sight to see. Never one to accept that two vastly different shades could both be considered green, she uses her gift to create endless combinations of color with such texture and depth you’d be challenged to find elsewhere. We like to compare her to a mantis shrimp. She, like her mother before her, has been crafting since she was a child. With over 20 years of experience with knitting and crocheting at a young age, the fiber community has always felt like home. Whether she’s teaching or creating, it has always been her wish to give back to the community that has always been there for her. She, too, resides in Ohio with her tabby cat, Nutmeg.

Gwyndylyn is the Color Coordinator, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and more.

🌈 Our Values 🖤

Bewitched Pigments is an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated company that believes we all belong in this world together and we should all treat each other with respect, honor, and, most of all, kindness. We are constantly learning how best to be an ally in this world. Whether that is an ally to those in the LGBTQIA+ community who fall under flags outside of our own, those who are differently abled, or BIPOC communities, we strive to be here for you. That being said, we are human, and as such, mistakes are possible. Kind redirection is always appreciated should these arise. 

We strongly believe that you will get back threefold what you put out into this world. With that being said, we do not tolerate any hate speech, bullying, or discrimination on our website or our social media pages. We hope that when you visit with us, whether online or in person, you find a welcoming and inclusive environment.