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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Yarns

  • Despite our efforts to show our yarn as close to its actual color, differences in lighting and monitors/screens can show colors differently. Sometimes, sadly, dyes are reformulated and batches from new yarns may appear slightly different from dye lot to dye lot. This is the magic of hand-dyed yarns. Every skein is slightly different even when from the same dye pot. The photos you see show a representation of the colorway that may have variations due to many factors. If you are truly unhappy with your yarn contact us so we can see what we can do for you.

  • We offer a wide selection of fine and luxury yarns. All of our yarns come from farmer-owned farms in Peru, England, and the United States and are ethically sourced. At this time, we only offer protein-based fibers (wool, silk, and nylon blends). There are some wonderful dyers of plant-based yarns. You can read more about our bases here.

  • At this time, we do not offer a yarn winding service. We do highly suggest balling or caking your yarn prior to use. There are many different swift and ball winders available in a wide variety of price ranges. Feel free to reach out if you need any help finding any resources for these.

  • Some of our colorways don’t transfer to different yarn weights or fibers. If there is a specific color you really want on a weight that is not offered, contact us, and we will see if there is a way to recreate it, or something close to it, to work better with that weight of yarn or fiber content.

  • Possibly! Contact us, and we can absolutely talk. We’ve created several colors and dye techniques for customers based on a specific need or desire. We love a good challenge. 😉


  • We strive to keep you notified of the status of your order. We provide tracking information for all orders once they have been processed. If any of the yarn in your order is not currently in stock, it will be considered dyed to order. These orders can take anywhere from two to three weeks to ship. Once your order has shipped, you can track the progress of your order from our door to yours using the tracking link in your email. 📦🚪

  • Bewitched Pigments does not accept returns or replacements except in cases of damaged yarn or mistakes in shipping. If your yarn is damaged or goes missing in transit, contact us immediately so we can help to make things right where we're able.

  • Only if you'd like to! Tips are completely optional, and any we do collect are sent to our current charity of choice.

Collaborations & Partnerships

  • We do! At this time, we only offer in-person trunk shows. Due to the nature of how we keep stock, shipped trunk shows are not feasible for us currently. Our trunk shows are always fun, and we love offering special events alongside our trunk shows. If you own an LYS within five hours of Akron, Ohio, contact us about how we can work with you to create a wonderful event at your shop!

  • How exciting that you are considering housing Bewitched Pigments at your shop. Contact us to learn more about our terms and conditions.

  • Contact us, and let’s talk. We love a good collaboration!

  • Bewitched Pigments does not typically make donations to shows, events, or retreats where we are not vending or teaching. We wish you well in your event, but sadly exposure doesn’t pay the bills.

About Us

  • Yes. We really are witches. But we aren’t the Satan-worshiping-baby-sacrificing -hex-your-neighbor’s-cow kind of witches. The Bewitches come from a long line of witches dating back many generations. We celebrate the turning of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the life that surrounds us, and the magic that is within us. We also believe that whatever you put out into this world, you receive back threefold. So, no curses, no hexes, and above all, no baby sacrificing. Mostly, we like collecting shiny rocks, silver jewelry, bossy cats, and growing pots of herbs. We also really wish we could blow a candle on like Sandra Bullock in the movie Practical Magic.

  • Sadly, no. While we would love to invite our coven to shop in person, at this time, Bewitched Pigments’ studio is located in the basement of our home, down a scary flight of rickety stairs. (We don’t even like going down them.)

  • Visit our Upcoming Shows page to find out where we will be heading to next!


  • Rune-wards is our rewards program! You get points for creating an account, making a purchase and even simply visiting our website each week. 😍

  • For signing up you get 250 points, visiting gets you 10 points per week, and when you make a purchase you get 5 points for every dollar you spend with us, including subscriptions and tax!

  • Future discounts on purchases! Every 500 points can be redeemed for $5 off on a future purchase up to $20. You can only redeem one Rune-ward per purchase so many people like to save their points to use on a larger purchase.

  • In some instances, yes. If we have marked items down then you can certainly claim your Rune-wards with your purchases. If it is a special sale, or uses another promo code then, unfortunately, you are not able to stack your rewards with those discounts.

    Your Rune-wards will only affect our offer for free shipping should the subtotal drop below $50 after the promotion.

    If you need help deciding what the better deal will be, feel free to reach out!

  • Yes! You can gift anyone the discount code, but just remember that each code can only be used once.

  • No! Neither your points nor your codes will expire until you use them. 😄

  • You can find all of your current Rune-wards by clicking the yellow button on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You can also contact us with your name and we can look up your active Rune-ward codes for you.

  • Unfortunately, Rune-wards can only be used on one-time purchases and are not applicable to subscriptions or other on-going purchases.

Subscription Clubs

  • We currently have two subscription clubs! Our monthly Stitch & Witch Book Club selects a new witchy-themed book each cycle and we create a new colorway to match the cover or themes of the book.

    We also have our Season of the Witch Subscription which comes out eight times a year, approximately every six weeks. This one is great for any fiber enthusiast who loves to get a box full of fiber and witchy treasures along with their choice of yarn! Each club has a full description on their page

  • You can sign up on each club's subscription page! Simply click on the club(s) that sound interesting to you, create an account if you don't already have one, then follow the prompts as you go. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to reach out!

  • Yes!

    Many of our former Stitch & Witch colors have become part of our regular collection. Check out the Stitch & Witch Collection to see which colors are available. You can also join us on Zoom on meeting nights if you're just looking for a great place to talk about books!

    For Season of the Witch, we do have a limited number of past subscription boxes available for purchase and is a great way to see the kinds of surprises we put in each box. You can see these and our previous colors over in the Season of the Witch Collection!

    You can also unsubscribe from the clubs at anytime with no fees or penalties, and there is no minimum length commitment required to join. 😊

  • That's one of the benefits of subscribing to our clubs! Even if the colorway has not yet been added to our collection, or is still exclusive to subscribers, you can absolutely order more skeins. Want a sweater’s worth or a different base for a special project? Just contact us and we can make the magic happen!

  • Always! We realize that sometimes you might feel inundated with too much of one base and want to change things up. Changes can be made by logging into your account and selecting “My Subscriptions.” Then just select the subscription you would like to edit and choose your new option!

    If you need any help along the way, feel free to reach out!

  • Need a break for a while? Your subscription is easily paused and restarted when you are ready. You can easily pause or cancel your subscription by logging into your account and selecting “My Subscriptions” from the menu. Just select which subscription you would like to adjust and click the yellow or red buttons to update your status. When you are ready to continue your subscription simply log back into your account and hit the blue resume or reactivate button to get going again!

    Note: You will be charged immediately upon resuming.

Still have questions?