The Western part of the United States is on fire. People are losing their homes, livelihoods, and belongings. While there are many necessities that are needed in order to bring life back to normal, we know as fiber artists the joy and tranquility that a skein of yarn can provide. So now, while we watch the news, let’s do a little something to help our neighbors by creating a stash for them to replenish from when they are ready.

Magic (fingering/sock Merino/nylon) and Charmed (DK Merino) will be available for you to purchase for someone in need for $25. We will create a “stash” and when our friends from California, Oregon, Washington, and other impacted areas are ready, they can claim a skein that you have paid for. We will also throw in some goodies for them as well. They can choose whether they want fingering or DK weight and what color family they want. Shipping is on us!