Feel that shiver down your spine? That isn’t the wind. That isn’t just your imagination. It’s Creepshow, the Halloween inspired collection from Bewitched Pigments. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy Mummy’s Curse, don’t look in the mirror with Dracula, clear up some misconceptions with Frankenstein, emerge from the deep with Black Lagoon, and fight for your life inside Thriller. 

This yarn is a delightful blend or 100% Peruvian Highland wool that starts off in natural black and white barbershop poled together. It is lovely and springy. It is non-superwash. 

Per Each skein:

100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

2ply yarn

437 yds/100g skein

Total of five skeins is 2,185 yds/500g

Note: This is a non-superwash yarn. It will felt. As always, this is a hand dyed product. The dye was completely exhausted and the water ran clear in the rinse process, however, some bleeding may occur with different detergents and water quality. We highly recommend hand washing using a wool safe wash such as Soak and drying flat or line drying.

When quantities are out of stock, they will be dyed to order and shipping may take 3-14 days. 

 This listing is for 5 skeins of yarn, one each of Thriller, Mummy's Curse, Dracula, Frankenstein, and Black Lagoon.

 All attempts are made to show our yarns in as close to their actual colors as possible. Colors may vary depending on monitors and lighting.  Some yarns (such as those on Mohair) will come out muted and speckles will be more of a watercolor effect or have a sheen due to their fiber content.