Copper Patina


Copper is a fabulous metal for protection and bringing in wealth to your family. And the older the copper the more strength it has for doing your bidding. Have an old penny? Think of the story that penny holds. the hands it has passed through, the change it has brought to people (literally and figuratively). Find a penny pick it up all day long you'll have good luck. It's not just a saying. So don't disregard those "worthless" pennies. They may only be one percent of a dollar, but if you have enough of them, you will find luck coming your way all the time!

Note: While the mill states that some bases are machine washable superwash yarn, this is a hand dyed product. The dye completely exhausted and the water ran clear in the rinse process, however, some bleeding may occur with different detergents and water quality. We highly recommend using a wool safe wash such as Soak and drying flat or line drying.

When quantities are out of stock, they will be dyed to order and shipping may take 3-14 days. 

 Some of our photos may show more than one skein, the price listed is for only one skein. 

 All attempts are made to show our yarns in as close to their actual colors as possible. Colors may vary depending on monitors and lighting.  Some yarns (such as those on Mohair) will come out muted and speckles will be more of a watercolor effect.